Sandy Motors Up front Information!

All of our cars have the year, price, mileage and options marked on the vehicle & windshield. This allows you to see our lowest price and compare all our inventory right on our lot!

We Give You The Space You Need

Most dealerships send their salesmen as soon as you starting looking around , Sandy Motors staff will introduce themselves to you then let you introduce browse and shop all you want and when you see a something you like, come inside and we will be happy to help you take the next step.

No Haggle Low Pricing!

We mark our LOWEST price on every vehicle we have in stock, Our online prices are the same as our lot prices. We realized that you don't go to a restaurant and haggle over the price of your dinner, so why do you have to when you buy a car? We have found that 99% of the people come to our dealership for our upfront low value pricing!

Family Owned For More Than 32 Years!

Since opening in 1988 Sandy Motors has sold more than 40,000 Vehicles to our neighbors and even to folks all the way across the country! We believe in a easy family friendly car buying experience, when you step foot into our dealership you will be working with not only the owner but staff that has been with us since day 1!

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